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Every second I seek answers
to the question that has none
that has to remain unanswered
until we are gone


   Die Diana,jaja *g*

Things aren´t
the way
they were
wouldn´t even
recognize me

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Oprosti sto sam bio baraba
jer nisam znao da si tako slaba
nisam znao da ces plakati

Bila sam dijete i nisam znala
koliko suza za ljubav treba
nisam znala da ce prestati

A sada idem
sto dalje od tebe
i ne dam da mi
srce skamene

A sada idi
sto dalje od mene
idi ljubi ti, idi ljubi ti
neko ko ce tebe voljeti

Ja sam te uvijek ljubio lazno
i meni nije bilo vazno
dal' me volis ili ne volis

Bila sam dijete i nisam smijela
samo sam malo ljubavi htijela
al' ko ce znati na kog' lice djavoli

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10.9.06 21:56

Ich wollte alles für dich sein,
weil ich mir selbst nichts bin...

13.9.06 10:36


I´ll fill you up with a new kind of glamour
I´ll make you frown with a true kind of tremor
I´ll lift you up ´cause my God´s just arisen
I´ll take you down to my own private prison

I´ll fill you up with the breath of the rotten
I´ll bring you down to the lost and forgotten
I´ll wrap you up in the sweetest apparel
I´ll make you frown with a view down the barrel

You won´t save me from love that hurts me
You won´t spare me from life that kills me

(Oomph-My own private prison)

In meiner Hand wird dein goldenes Herz zu Blei
In meiner Hand bricht dein goldenes Herz entzwei
Nimm meine Hand, und ich führ´ dich ins weisse Licht
Nimm meine Hand, oh, ich schwör´ ich enttäusch´ dich nicht

Kannst du sehn - für mich?
Kannst du sehn - für mich?
Kannst du sehn - für mich?
Kannst du sehn? - Führ mich heim!

In meiner Hand wird dein goldener Schmerz zu Eis
(Fühl die Sehnsucht in dir)
In meiner Hand wird dein dunkelster Traum zu weiss
(Sieh den Ausweg vor dir)
Nimm meine Hand, bis der endlose Nebel weicht
(Fühl die Sehnsucht in dir)
Nimm meine Hand, und wir haben das Ziel erreicht
(Sieh den Ausweg vor dir)

(Oomph-Goldenes Herz)


17.9.06 19:43

I found you broken on the ground
From your mouth a bitter sound
That became sweeter as I approached
You in your deepest agony

I put you up and raised you well
And more than stories ever tell
I fell in love with you those days
And hoped that you would too

You’ve been a fallen angel
Ripped out of the sky
But as your wings grew strong enough
You left me - behind to die

(L´ame Immortelle-Fallen Angel)


19.9.06 21:57


Nursery rhymes are said, verses in my head
Into my childhood they're spoonfed
Hidden violence revealed, darkness that seems real
Look at the pages that cause all this evil

(KoRn-Shoots and ladders)

22.9.06 18:02

Ich wollte nicht lieben,
und tat es dennoch.
Ich wollte nie spielen,
doch hab ich´s versucht.
Ich wollt´mich nie öffnen,
doch tat ich es halb.
Jetzt bin ich gefallen,
-----wer hilft mir noch auf?...

24.9.06 21:38


I don't know why I'm so fucking cold
I dont know why it hurts me
All I wanna do is get with you
And make the pain go away
Why do I have a conscience
All it does is fuck with me
Why do I have this torment
All I wanna do is fuck it away.


30.9.06 20:31


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